The Allied Beauty Association (ABA Canada) issues a position statement for 3 common retailing issues during the COVID-19 confinement period in this blog article here:

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Stay closed and stay safe!



Why can companies like Madison Reed sell their home-kits?

Because they meet all the rules and regulations of home kit selling (ingredients nomenclatures, detailed usage description, full disclaimers and warning, supply of all proper tools and implements for the application, 24hrs a day helpline, etc.)


The salon across the street is selling colour home-kits online – should I report them?

There is no clear route for doing so; as it is a Health Canada and Liability Insurance Issue. In some cities or province this practice is now restricted. If you choose to report them, call your local police station, (DON’T call 911)


My clients are asking me to come to their house or to come to my house for her/his hair colour regrowth touch-up / hair cut or other hair services, some are contacting my staff directly; what should I do?

We are living an unprecedented situation and we are all learning to cope with it in our ways. You must stay firm and explain that no matter how much protection you both take you will still be going against all the recommended and/or imposed physical distancing guidelines. We are not allowed to visit or be visited; we are not allowed to gather in proximity (less than 2 meters) with anyone that is not already in our household or part of our regular work team. Many cities have started imposing fines that can be hefty for the individuals and the business concerned. #weareallinthitogether.


Once my client got her color kit, we get on facetime together and I coach her on how to do it, is that OK?

This is for sure a very creative way and we are sure your clients appreciate the gesture, but this is still a situation where the person mixing / applying the color is not the professional. This brings you back to potential liability issues and the possibility of problems with your insurance provider.


I have clients asking me to prepare professional facial products for them so they can make their own facial service at home. Can I pour out some of the cabin products in a small bottle – like a pill bottle for example?

Decanting products does not always deliver the quality, standards, and even results of using professional products in a treatment room setting. To properly bottle and decant products, there are strict guidelines of the sterilization of the environment and receiving container. Especially in this crisis, we highly recommend that products are not decanted and sent to other, to ensure the safety of clients and the efficacy of the products.


How can I explain all of that to my clientele in a social media message?

We have a few examples coming directly from salons and spas, starting with the campaign #ShowYourRoots, inviting people to share photos of their regrowth, a colorist took it further and is posting her own regrowth weekly to show her clientele that she is in it with them. If men can go rustic, why can’t women also embrace the change to support these times? Will your hair streak? Is your hair growing out as a lefty or a righty? Front or back? Take the no colour challenge against your friends and vote on whose au naturel is au current. #weareallinthistogether.


Any ideas / suggestions / questions?

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