The ABA hosts dozens of competitions each year, which allow beauty professionals to compete in various categories including cutting, bridal, fantasy, makeup and barbering. Competitions have a huge impact on the beauty industry; with competition winners and even participants seeing increases in their bookings following the recognition associated with competing. By competing in industry competitions stylists, can showcase their skills and elevate their position in the industry, allowing them to charge more for their services and book new clients faster.

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April 14 & 15, 2019 | Toronto


Glamorous Evening Long Hair and Makeup Team
March 17, 2019 | Edmonton




Congrats REVEL IN BEAUTY 2018 Competition Winners!

SUNDAY March 25, 2018 | MTCC South

Women's Fantasy Makeup
1st Place: Kris Weaver | 2nd Place: Angelina Grechko | 3rd Place: Alexia Fedidah

Evening Fashion Makeup
1st Place: Samina Chaudhry | 2nd Place: Natalia Farahmand | 3rd Place: Cassandra Campbell

Bridal Long Hair
1st Prize: Sandy Roberts | 2nd Prize: Sandra Djokic | 3rd Prize: Julia Falvo

Battle of the Barbers: Creative Freestyle
1st Place: Mykel Williams | 2nd Place: Nick Benitez | 3rd Place: Morees Khoshabah

MONDAY March 26, 2018 | MTCC South

Women's Trend Cut & Style (Professional Level)
1st Place: Brittany Witmer | 2nd Place: Michelle Gilbert | 3rd Place: Julia Falvo

Consumer Salon Cut & Style (Student Level)
1st Place: Mia Prabphane | 2nd Place: Stephanie Kyrev | 3rd Place: Michael Shannon

The Battle Continues: Best Pompadour
1st Place: Farzan Fahandez | 2nd Place: Wilfredo Isip | 3rd Place: Sal Chiapetta

Congrats Forum Affaires Beaute de Montreal 2018 Competition Winners!

March 19, 2018 | Palais des Congres

Professional Women's Trend Cut & Style
1st Place: Allison Leeners | 2nd Place: Rose Aimee Robitaille | 3rd Place: Alexia Fedidah

New Talent Women's Trend Cut & Style
1st Place: Sarah Pittman | 2nd Place: Ocean Cote | 3rd Place: Arielle Anne Merel

Congrats Essential Beauty hosted by IBS Competition Winners!

April 22, 2018 | Winnipeg, MB

Battle of the Barbers: Best Pompadour
1st Place:
Reagan Tran | 2nd Place: Pavel Krumer | 3rd Place: Holly Hui

Competition Hosts & Facilitators

Megan Gustafson

Kelly Kalmbach

Dereck Payne

Director of the MJ Program & Competition Emcee

Director of the MJ Program

Host of the Battle of the Barber Competitions

Megan is a stylist and salon owner at Manestreet Hair and is a Lifetime Platinum Member of the Master Judges Program. She has had many highlights in her career in the beauty industry including winning a National competition, having her work published in industry magazines and competing and winning live and photo competitions. She volunteers both on the Provincial and National Skills Technical Committee for Skills Canada.

Megan is passionate about the Master Judges Program and competitions and encourages stylists, competitors, teachers and trainers to be a part of something educational, rewarding and exciting!

Kelly Kalmbach has been a stylist for 40 years and a salon owner for 35 years, in addition to being a competitor and a Crystal Medal Master Judge. Her experience with these competitions and the Master Judges Program set Kelly and her salon apart from other salons in her area. Learning and applying the skills to compete and the knowledge to be a judge has contributed to her success.

Some of the highlights of her career have been travelling nationally and internationally following World Competitions, achieving her International Judges Certificate and receiving the International Achievement Award.

Kelly believes that becoming a Judge and competing is about mastering skills and knowledge and applying it in a competition setting; be it live or photography competitions. Passionate about the beauty industry, Kelly dedicates her time to inspiring stylist to get involved in the creative, exciting hobby sport of competitions, Judging and continued learning to express their creativity and ability to recognise and execute a beautiful design.

Dereck is a widely known barber who has spent years educating and encouraging fellow barbers to elevate themselves in their careers. Along with his brand Major Fade, his mission is to provide a platform for barbers to be creative and educated in the industry. Dereck has been the host of one of ABA’s most popular competitions: the Battle of the Barber for more than 3 years and has wowed the crowd with his dynamic energy on stage.

Dereck has also partnered with the Boys and Girls Club in Scarborough in creating a pre-apprenticeship program called Hairs the Future. Hairs the Future will provide hands-on training that develops the necessary skills and resources that will generate the highest quality of hair services. Derecks vision is simple: Get more creative, keep educating the Canadian industry, inspire and invite the world onto his platform where the limits are endless!

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