Beauty professionals are some of the most passionate and giving people in the world. Every day, we devote their time and talents to support the greater good. Industry members routinely support important initiatives such as greening the industry through sustainable solutions (products, recycling, etc), hair donation programs to support cancer charities, and special initiatives to help members of our industry recover from medical and life events that prevent professionals from continuing to work.

As part of our long-term commitment towards greater community responsibility, ABA Canada will be implementing a series of new programmatic initiatives that will increase our presence both in and out of the industry. These include increasing our capacity to advocate in government and regulatory spaces, preparing the next generation of beauty professionals, as well as serving as a resource of best practices for people to embark on community projects.

The ABA wants to play a more active role in creating opportunities for professionals to give back. Our hope is that by working together, we can make a significant impact in our local communities and across Canada. We are currently embarking on the following initiatives:

The ABA participates in, and has representation on various government consultation round tables, regulation bodies and trade boards. From Cosmetic Alliances to Health Canada, the ABA is involved in ensuring that our industry is well represented, understood, defended and protected. The ABA also strives at being the reliable and timely source of information about rules, regulations, laws, trade issues, health alerts and other issues affecting any of members across the country.

Co-founded by three of our corporate members, this is a grassroots project that will meet on a regular basis to network, build relationships, nurture opportunities, co-create projects, support one another, celebrate accomplishments and meet inspirational and motivational leaders from across all industries. The project is initiated in Toronto, and soon we will expand to other cities in Ontario, Quebec and then to cities from coast to coast.

The ABA works with our members to identify worthy nonprofit organizations that can benefit from donated products, tools and accessories.  

The ABA has been offering beauty start-ups the opportunity to be showcased and discovered at our annual national trade show – Revel in Beauty in Toronto. We have expanded from seven brands in 2018 and is projected to host 21 to 25 brands in 2020. At the end of the show, each brand is given the opportunity to “pitch” their business to a panel of judges and the winner gets a fully decked 10x10 booth free of charge for the following year. We plan to expand our offerings for these entrepreneurs by creating a business incubator and a mentorship program to help them propel their business to sustainable growth.          

The ABA also supports the following organizations by granting them free space at our event, free advertising on our platforms and by collecting donations from our members on their behalf:

Look Good Feel Better offers a beauty workshop that gives Canadian women diagnosed with cancer the tools and techniques to feel beautiful and vital. In so doing, we help restore a sense of self and renew a feeling of womanhood, however these women choose to define it.

This bold and engaging new fundraising program, launched by The Princess Margaret Hospital, invites Canadians to colour their hair and raise funds to help Conquer Cancer in our lifetime. This program celebrates diversity, inspires creativity and engages people across the country to be bold, choose their hair colour, raise funds for cancer research and challenge others.

The ABA is the primary sponsor of the Canadian National team for OMC Hairworld, the largest professional competition with over 50 member countries and over 2,000,000 members worldwide.