Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a member in order to exhibit at the ABA Shows and Events?

A. Yes, exhibiting at the ABA shows is one of the perks of membership. To see a list of other membership perks click here.

2. How do I order my space on the show floor?

A. Submit your booth space/classroom space request here. A member of the ABA Office will then contact you to confirm and process payment.

3. What is included with my booth space?

A. If you are ordering booth space, your space includes the square footage you requested.
If ordering a classroom, your 40'w x 30'd space includes:

  • draping
  • 8' x 20' stage (5 decks) skirted
  • one electrical outlet (1500 watts)
  • 60 chairs

Plus a model prep area that includes:

  • two 6' tables
  • 20 chairs
  • one coat rack
  • one electrical outlet (1500 watts)

4. Where do I order things like internet, food & beverage, power etc?

A. You can find everything you need by visiting the show forms page in the Members portal. 
If you have any additional questions please contact