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Corporate Membership
(Manufacturers, Distributors, Associates and Owners)

Member Benefits

  •  Each year, the Allied Beauty Association shows can put you in direct contact with up to 40,000 beauty professionals across Canada.
  • As an Allied Beauty Association member your company will benefit from the credibility of more than 150 corporate members and over 15,000 beauty professional subscribers established over the past nine decades. Allied Beauty Association members are the leaders of the Canadian beauty industry.
  • You will have the opportunity to serve on the ABA Advisory Councils/Board of Directors and have a voting right at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Your professional logo will be included on the home page of the ABA website.
  • You will benefit from pre-event marketing advertising your participation in ABA shows and events.
  • The Allied Beauty Association allows you to have a voice in the professional beauty industry through ongoing government advocacy.

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