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Toronto, ON - June 8 - As salons, spas and barbershops reopen under strict guidelines requiring personal protective equipment (PPE), industry sustainability experts Green Circle Salons have developed the PPE Recovery Initiative in an effort to tackle the added waste. This new program empowers beauty businesses to responsibly recover this waste and give it a new life.

Masks, gloves, capes, towels and face shields are all part of the new arsenal of single use materials being used daily inside personal service establishments, creating a pile of waste that is not recyclable and has the potential to contaminate the space. Green Circle Salons has developed a solution which keeps this waste separated and safely disposed of, while allowing businesses to showcase their environmental leadership.

The PPE Recovery Initiative has been created as a simple and affordable solution to a growing waste problem. “When we started the Green Circle Salons movement over a decade ago, our mission was to offer North America-wide sustainability solutions for our industry by 2020”, says Founder and CEO Shane Price. “I am proud to say that today we can support businesses in every zip and postal code to recover up to 95% of their beauty waste, and just as we reached this milestone a new challenge emerged. With the PPE Recovery Initiative, we can ensure that people are kept safe as they return to work without a single new item entering the landfill.”

The PPE Recovery Initiative will be available to all beauty businesses - including salons, barbershops, manufacturers, distributors and more. Now beauty professionals and their guests can feel comfortable knowing that safety and environmental responsibility have been priorities at every stage in the supply chain.

In addition to offering affordable safe disposal kits, the PPE Recovery Initiative contains education around offsetting financial costs related to PPE, and marketing support to communicate the environmental leadership of businesses that responsibly manage their waste. “For the last decade, I’ve been part of the movement for sustainable beauty that Green Circle Salons has pioneered”, says worldSALON and WORLD Hair and Skin owner Brian Phillips. “With all the uncertainty around what the future of our industry looks like, it’s great to know that Green Circle Salons continues to innovate by giving us a complete solution to this massive new waste problem posed by single-use safety equipment.”

Starting June 15, 2020, the PPE Recovery Initiative will be available to salons and spas across the United States and Canada. For more information and to join the program, visit

About Green Circle Salons: Green Circle Salons is a Zero Waste to Landfill certified movement that supports beauty businesses to recover, recycle and repurpose up to 95% of their waste. As a certified Bcorp, Green Circle Salons believes in using business as a force for good by putting people and the planet above profit. Its members are the greenest beauty businesses on the planet, and are recognized by their guests and the community-at-large for their environmental leadership.

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