Become a Member of the ABA!

Interested in becoming a member of the Allied Beauty Association?
Below are just a few of the great advantages to being a member of this dynamic association.

  • Each year, the Allied Beauty Association shows can put you in direct contact with up to 30,000 beauty professionals across Canada.
  • Your products will be exposed to an additional 6,000 beauty professionals who are demonstrating and educating other professionals at the ABA shows.
  • ABA Shows are attended by close to 40% of the Canadian beauty professionals. No other Canadian beauty trade show can deliver your message to this pre-qualified group of professionals.
  • As an Allied Beauty Association member your company will benefit from the credibility of more than 200 corporate members established over the past seven decades. Allied Beauty Association members are the leaders of the Canadian beauty industry.


Join the Allied Beauty Association

If you are interested in joining the Allied Beauty Association, please fill out the appropriate form below and send it to the ABA by email or by fax.  Please note that ALL criteria must be met to be considered for membership.

Phone: 1 (800) 268-6644 (toll-free) | Fax: (905) 568-1581 | Email:

ABA Manufacturer & Distributor Member Application – English
ABA Associate Professional Member Application – English
ABA Cosmetologist & Owner Member Application Form – English
ABA School Member Application Form – English

ABA New Classes of Membership

Be a candidate to help shape the new ABA:

The mission of the ABA has always been to promote and advocate for the professional beauty industry in every way possible. In the past, we have worked with product manufacturers and distributors to ensure that this mission was met. Today the ABA is proud to initiate an important change to ensure that the entire industry is being represented equally.


New membership categories have been added in order to encourage all beauty industry professionals to participate and be represented. These categories are:

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Distributors
  3. Associate Professionals
  4. Salon/Spa/School Owners or Managers – NEW!
  5. Professional Cosmetologists – NEW!

Each category’s members will elect representatives to sit on an Advisory Council thus ensuring that each category is well represented and equally positioned to influence decisions for all its members.

The Advisory Council:

The Advisory Council has been created to provide better representation and communication between members and the Board of Directors.   Its purpose is to give voice to each member category so that their interests are fully supported and represented. Six elected representatives from each member category will discuss the needs and desires of their members. They will then make project, policy and other recommendations to the Board of Directors for the Association.

By creating these Advisory Councils, the expectations and time commitments are now shared between the Councils and the Board of Directors so that both positions are easier to take on.

How the Advisory Council is formed:

The Advisory Council is formed through an electoral process. All members have the right to nominate themselves for a position on the Advisory Council, and all members within the same category have an equal right to vote for the Advisory Council members whom they wish to act as their representatives.

In the case where an organization is a member of the ABA (manufacturer, distributor, associate categories only), any employee of that organization (recommended by ownership/management) may choose to nominate themself for a position on the Advisory Council.

The 6 elected Advisory Council members will nominate up to 3* of their members to sit on the Board of Directors.   (*exact number depends on membership category)

Benefits for Advisory Council Members:

  • Be a part of the change in the ABA and impact the future of the industry
  • Increase your national network and work closely with other industry leaders in your field
  • Let your voice be heard and influence decisions that result in real change
  • Give back to your community and industry
  • Be recognized for the work you do with Canada’s only national professional beauty association

Expectations of Advisory Council Members:

  • Be a listening ear for other members in your category
  • Voice concerns and brainstorm solutions for existing problems
  • Present new ideas and projects which could benefit your category members and/or the ABA as a whole
  • Meet in person at least once per year at the AGM (annual general meeting) for a strategic planning session
  • Attend quarterly conference calls to work on advancing the category’s agenda
  • Actively participate in all meetings
  • Elect 1-3 representatives for the Board of Directors (depending on category) from Advisory Council members.

To view the new ABA structure click on the New Membership Infographic below.
New Classes of Membership Infographic


For additional information or questions about the new ABA structure please contact Liz Buttigieg at 1-800-268-6644 ext 204