Seminar 1 | International System of Judging

30 Point Scoring System and procedure of Judging


Seminar 2 | Art Principles

These principles are foundational to both the creative process and the evaluation of creative works.  The study and understanding of the elements of design are three-fold; Salon Styling, the development and creation of competition lines and the judging of exhibits on the competition floor.  This seminar will include images from HAIRWORLD.


Seminar 3 | Colour, Beauty, Mood, Creativity and Art

This seminar is a study of the fundamentals of Colour Theory. Particular attention is directed to selective colour placement which shows to the greatest advantage the cut and finished design created by both stylists and competitors. Included are updates to the new OMC regulations with particular emphasis on colour rules and demerits.


Seminar 4 | Ladies

This seminar includes a survey of the history of women’s hair fashion, which provides the foundation of the cyclic nature of contemporary hairstyles.  A study of ideal proportions of the head, face and body and adaptability fundamentals will be discussed.  Emphasis will be placed on national and international competition trends and the development of the ability to critique and evaluate our own creative work and that of others in the salon and on the competition floor.


Seminar 5 | Mens

Topics will include: Competition Categories, Regulations and Judging criterion for: consumer in fashion cut & style as well as other popular men’s categories, International competition photos, New Trends and Formal Sculpture Cut.