The Master Judges Program

The Master Judges Program is designed to teach you the ins and outs of Canadian competition judging. Whether you are a competitor who wants to leverage your competition potential or a hairstylist looking to build your skills and talent, this program will help you attain your goals. Joining the program is an effective strategy to raise both your profile in the industry and how the public and your peers perceive you.

Involvement in this program is open to all hairstylists who wish to continue learning and advancing in the industry. The program enriches you as an individual, evolves your work in the salon and increases your knowledge and skills as a competitor. It also offers, for those who elevate themselves in extra training and skills, the chance to be a Canadian Delegate and an International Judge.

Created by Cecilia Leatherberry and then led by Don Grylls, an educated and passionate instructor with experience in the highest circles of competitive styling, the Canadian Master Judges Program is sponsored/underwritten by the ABA.

Program Fees

The annual Master Judges membership fee is $75 plus a $45 Cosmetologist ABA membership fee: totalling $120 (tax included). Once fees have been paid, each new member will receive a binder, which they will fill with seminar materials upon completion of each seminar.

Master Judges Program Credit Breakdown

The table below indicates the amount of credits that are required to move through our classification levels.
SeminarsAll 5 seminars are requiredAll 5 seminars are requiredAll 5 seminars are required
Academic Credits1222
Saging Credits10105
Out of Town-58
Elective (any)135
Silver will be awarded upon completion.Gold will be awarded upon completion.Platinum will be awarded upon completion.